Cheap Flavored Ecigs

Ecigs come in just about any flavor that you can imagine.  Some of the flavors are really ridiculous.  For a hardcore smoker, we just want your basic tobacco and menthol flavors that will deliver us the nicotine that we need to get our fix.  Anything beyond that is really not in important.

To tell you the truth. When it all comes down to it, I really don’t care what flavors ecigs come in.  I just want and need my nicotine but since today topic is about cheap flavored ecigs, lets talk about the flavors.

I already told you the two most popular flavors: tobacco and menthol.  The other popular flavored ecigs are cherry, mint, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and peach.  There are a ton of other flavors as we said earlier and it all comes down to the manufacturer.

The other important thing that you should know about flavored ecigs are that the flavored cigs are in the cartridges that you buy.  The cartridges hold the nicotine and the flavored taste.  So after you buy your ecig, when you get your refills – that is when you pick your different flavors and nicotine levels.  So worry about getting the right ecig before you worry about the flavors.

I hope that helps clears things up.