Cool to Smoke E-Cigs

Historically, big tobacco has done a great job marketing their products.  Whether it makes you “rugged and American,” “cool and collected,” or sophisticated, these marketing campaigns did their jobs.  Fast forward to current times, these ads are no longer widely accepted due to health risks.  We do not see these on display along the highway, print-media, or even online-media.

Therefore, if you want relive these past glorious days but do not want the stigma, try an electronic cigarette.  It delivers the same punch but without the hassle of smelling like cigarette butt.  Plus, you can still look pretty suave and sophisticated with the blue or red glow of the e-cig.

Rechargeable ecigs and an easy mod!?

I love my hot yoga and a couple week ago while I was in class staring at perfect buns, I thought about how good it would be to breath better and get into my yoga deal.  Figured I’d try some rechargeableecigs to cut down the habit.  I got some of those tru smoke rechargeableecigs and they’ve been doing the trick.  The thing about these is you can mod the flavor cart to fit a little 2-3 hit herb nug and burn a little buzz all undercover.    Its pretty sweet and super easy.  This mod has made the tru smoke rechargeable ecigs my fav kit.  Stay irie my friends.

Cheap Flavored Ecigs

Ecigs come in just about any flavor that you can imagine.  Some of the flavors are really ridiculous.  For a hardcore smoker, we just want your basic tobacco and menthol flavors that will deliver us the nicotine that we need to get our fix.  Anything beyond that is really not in important.

To tell you the truth. When it all comes down to it, I really don’t care what flavors ecigs come in.  I just want and need my nicotine but since today topic is about cheap flavored ecigs, lets talk about the flavors.

I already told you the two most popular flavors: tobacco and menthol.  The other popular flavored ecigs are cherry, mint, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and peach.  There are a ton of other flavors as we said earlier and it all comes down to the manufacturer.

The other important thing that you should know about flavored ecigs are that the flavored cigs are in the cartridges that you buy.  The cartridges hold the nicotine and the flavored taste.  So after you buy your ecig, when you get your refills – that is when you pick your different flavors and nicotine levels.  So worry about getting the right ecig before you worry about the flavors.

I hope that helps clears things up.

Can ecigs kill you?

Yes, ecigs can kill you.  They have nicotine and nicotine is addictive.  But they are less harmful than a real cigarette because there is no tobacco and not tar burning.  So ecigs are not as harmful for you.

But they can kill you just like a cigarette.  Both product have nicotine.  Unless you are smoking e cig with no nicotine, there is always the potential that they can kill you.  So if you are looking for a completely none harmful way to enjoy smoking than an ecig is not the solution.

Smoking with vapor or tobacco is inherently dangerous so just accept it if you are going to smoke.

Used E Cigs

There really is no such thing as a used e cigs unless you are referring to getting an electronic cigarette battery and its recharger from someone or brought it used.  The reason is that the cartridges that you used with it is always new.  This is because the  nicotine cartridge only contains a set amount of nicotine and only last a certain amount of puffs.  Once the nicotine runs out the cartridge is thrown out.

So assuming you picked up the battery and recharging kit, then you just go out and buy new cartridges to use them.

I would not recommend you buying any used e cig starter kit that also comes with the cartridges.  The rationale is two folds: (1) the cartridges may not be clean and (2) they might be old and not work.  If you pick up any type of used e cigs, just look for the battery and charger and make sure the battery still works and is rechargeable.  Then figure out who the manufacture is and go to their website and buy the refill cartridges from them to start smoking.

What does “rechargeable” mean?

If you are new to the electronic cigarette industry, there are many terms that you will see on various ecigs sites that make picking the right e cigarette difficult.  A good example of that is the word “rechargeable”.

In the electric cigarette market, the word “rechargeable” means that your ecig can be recharged.  Specifically, this means that you can remove your battery from your e cigarette and plug it into a charger and recharge your battery so that you can keep using it.

While other are disposable – which means that the cigarette is thrown away after the nicotine runs out.

So a rechargeable electronic cigarette is more environmentally friendly.  You don’t waste batteries by throwing them into the landfills.  Instead with a rechargeable battery you can plug that into the wall and recharge it and continue to keep using it.

Picking the right Ecigs

Nowadays, there are a variety of Ecigs on the market.  Some come individually while others can be purchased as part of a starter kit.  The key to finding the right one for you is doing some research.

In the olden days, most ecigarettes had to be refilled through the use of oils.  This means that you basically had to use a container of oil and pour it into the cigarette reservoir – every time you ran out of oil.  This was cumbersome and a pain.  Especially, if you weren’t very coordinated.

Next, manufacturers came out with disposable electronic cigarettes.  These were basically use them and through them out products but this wasn’t good for the environment.  Cause who wants to pollute the environment with a bunch of plastic and batteries after each use.  It also cost more over time on a per unit basis.

Then came the rechargeable ecigs.  These allowed you to replace your nicotine cartridges after they ran out.   The cartridges came in a variety of flavors each with varying degrees of nicotine.  The important thing here was that you now had an easy way to use your e-cigarette.

So now you have the basic idea of all the different types of ecigs on the market.

Personally, to me, the key is to pick a rechargeable e cigarette.  Avoid the oils.  Avoid anything that requires you to refill your nicotine with anything other than a cartridge.  Don’t buy any ecig that requires you to use a usb port to recharge.  That means that you need your computer to recharge and who wants that.

Lastly, don’t buy an electronic cigarette that requires you to use some long cord to recharge your cigs.  The latest versions have no cord and allow you to plug right into the wall.  And that is what you want to buy.

So there you have it.

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